Operative Treatments: Surgical Repair


The meniscus cartilage tissue between the thigh/femur and the shin/tibia is frequently torn  during strenuous activity at work or while engaging in sports.  Only a small portion of  meniscal tears are in a location with an adequate blood supply (10%).  To be “repaired” a tear must be near an adequate blood supply.

Meniscal tears can be repaired using a variety of techniques ranging from very basic suture repairs through complex arthroscopic procedures.


It is believed that the articular cartilage (that which covers the bones at the joint) cannot  be repaired and, at best, a surgeon can only re-implant cartilage that has been dislodged.


Surgical repair is limited to ligaments that heal better with surgery.  The medial collateral  ligament (MCL) has a robust blood supply so can typically repair itself without surgical  intervention.  The anterior collateral ligament (ACL) does not have that same good blood  supply and is seated deep within the knee joint so typically does not repair itself with  or without surgical intervention.  The patellar tendon is responsible for maintaining the  position of the knee cap.  If a patella dislocates or is dislodged, the ligament securing  it is torn.  The patellar tendon may heal on its own or might require surgical repair.


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